Finding your own nest

raven girlRaven Girl by Audrey Niffenegger tells the fairy tale story of a human born out of an egg from the match between a raven and a postman.  She has a human body but the soul of a raven. She grows up to speak raven, never words, and without ever fitting in among humans. The birds also ignore her. However, all she wants is to be able to fly and to become what she feels is her true self: a raven.

When she goes to university she meets a doctor who promises to fulfill her dream. She goes on to pursue this process of transformation and loses her arms in order to replace them with wings so she can finally fly.  After many tribulations, the fairy tale reaches a happy ending with the raven girl becoming a raven and finding a raven prince.  They go on to live happily ever after in their raven nest.

This is an unusual fairy tale but very profound because it touches on the ideal of physical transformation, self-reform and a sense of belonging. What more does one wish than to be in tune with their real self and find their niche?  Being with like-minded ones means that one is able to be themselves. Being oneself is the only way one can feel good in their own skin and thus having a sense of belonging and happiness.


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