My Voice

I am setting my head and mind on freeing my voice from all its physical and emotional constraints.

“Until the body has achieved a certain degree of relaxation, release and alignment, full vocal potential cannot be realised.” David Carey and Rebecca Clark Carey

Over the years my vocal expression has been imprisoned by habitual tensions and inappropriate physical postures.

How has this happened?

The way I had been standing and sitting since my early teens- standing with my back curved, legs crossed and balancing on one or other side of my hips- has been an obvious picture of misalignment. Not balancing my body from the feet and constantly walking with my head ahead of them has certainly caused tensions on my neck, the carriage of my shoulders and upper chest -not to mention the endless tripping over things and people while moving about.

I now know that, if the body is to travel and be released through the breath, it is vital  to connect the physical network of every part of my body. The breath, I understand, is to pass in and out of the body easily and free from tension blocks.

I had not been aware of or concerned about what was happening to my voice until I realised I was feeling more and more blocked to express myself. This feeling was not only emotional but a physical sense of tightness in between my ribs ( in the diaphragm?) and, with the vibrations and sounds travelling to come out as speech, my voice would still feel trapped in the larynx ( the tube-shaped organ in the neck also called the voice box). My words would never leave the throat with fluidity and confidence!

So, I am taking action to free my voice by ‘unlocking’ my body from tension blocks that have been conscious or unconsciously created by physical habits and influenced by emotional moods.

I am going through a list of readings and exercises by accomplished practitioners on voice coaching to apply ways to develop body awareness and release my voice.

The practice of Christian Meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Pilates are also part of and crucial to the self-work  I am undertaking.

Being in my early forties, I feel I have reached the middle of my life journey. The time has come. The time is now and for as long as I live, from now on my voice is to be FREE.


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