Drama Buddies

2017-05-26 17.32.16
“Friendliness, compassion and delight cultivate the mind” Healing cards- A Daily Practice for Maintaining Spiritual Balance by Caroline Myss and Peter Occhiogrosso

I’ve been learning to be in touch with and being honest about my feelings since that means the courage to be creative, vulnerable and resilient to self-criticism or criticism from others. I am thankful for listening to Doreen Virtue’s video talks on The Courage To Be Creative. I’ve been gaining insightful inspiration which in turn has prompted me to write and post my thoughts.  I’ve been learning to be my best friend, to trust the guidance and help from the Archangels and connect with my divinity for I am a child of God, and so I wish to see everyone else.

Today, 9th February 2017, Katharina came over. We met in November 2016 on the Open Evening for the MA in Acting for Screen at Central School of Speech and Drama. By fate or coincidence, we left the event together and found out on the journey on the tube that we were actually neighbours and lived only five minutes away from each other! From living so close,  we saw the opportunity to work together on our bodies and voices in preparation for the audition at CSSD. During our few sessions at my place, we have not only become drama buddies but friends. We finally reunited this afternoon and had a two and a quarter hour session of drama work.

We started with a body and voice warm-up from Qi Gong ( swinging arms exercises),Qi Gong based exercises from Vocal Arts workbook and video by David and Rebecca Carey and Alexander Technique on semi-spine and walking exercises(my Alexander Technique tutor says they are ‘conscious procedure’ or ‘conscious direction’ instead of exercises). Katharina led the beginning of our main session with a great body, voice and mind work to which she called  ‘Opening the Dungeon’, inspired by a workshop she did at The Actor’s Centre. This consisted of us placing one hand in the abdominal area and another hand on the chest in tune with breathing and moving the hands towards the shoulder, the mouth, and back to the abdominal area and chest. We then stretched our arms sideways and used our hands to ‘grab’ something imaginary as we said out loud: ‘I take it’, ‘I want it’ for a good couple of times. I really enjoyed this exercise. In our minds’ eyes, we were grabbing our places at Central’s MA in Acting for Screen. We then included text in our work by whispering the verses of Shakespeare’s love sonnet 71 to one another.  We sat leaning our backs against each other. I started whispering verses to Katharina who repeated them out loud. Then Katharina whispered the last half of the sonnet for me to repeat the words out loud. This exercise helps with listening, concentration and voice skills as well as learning text and vocabulary without reading them first. The idea is to ‘perform’ the words as we say them loud.

We then went on to practise our monologues on-camera using only the body as in a silent movie ( I have my drama tutor to thank for this insightful exercise where the body language make us see and feel the monologue without us uttering the words). It was quite revealing to watch our performances on a 36 inches TV screen and give feedback on what we ‘grasped’ from our ‘silent movie performances’ and body language.

We ended our session with a mock interview. Tomorrow, 10th February 2017, we will be auditioning for a place at Central School of Speech and Drama in their MA in Acting for Screen. Whatever happens, we will carry on with our lives, friendship, creative endeavours and pursue to succeed as actors. I am very grateful for our drama buddy work and goal-sharing.


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