Feelings from auditioning

Tonight the audition for the MA in Acting for the Screen at Central School of Speech and Drama has made me see that the fifteen of us doing the audition were only human beings pursuing the same goal: an opportunity to train in acting. Some people will be called back for the final stage of the selection process to perform another monologue, others will be dismissed and some placed on a waiting list. We were told that, although rare, it’s possible to be offered a place straight after the first audition.

I’ve enjoyed the audition process with a physical and vocal warm-up followed by the performances of the monologue pieces and the individual interview at the end.

How do I feel?

There are so many feelings permeating my being, above all, there’s a huge sense of gratitude for the experience I’ve been through; for God’s mercy and LOVE, the presence and messages from the Archangels and the spirit of the unicorn from the beauty and creative power of the cards by Doreen Virtue.

I’m handing my fears to God and focusing on my feeling of faith, self-love and believe. I’m a child of God. I can handle whatever comes my way. I’ve survived this far into my early 40s. I’m ready to go on. I’m aware of the traps of the ego. All that matters and truly matters is to love my neighbour as I love myself.  That’s the bottom line why I’ve come to this planet.  I want to act. I want to fulfil my call to perform, to create and help others through the fruits of my talent and divine gift. I’m searching and asking for fulfilment and believing my prayers have already been answered. So are Jesus words in the gospels. I believe I have what it takes to succeed creatively. I am expecting to pass this audition.  I shall know soon…



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