Through the Central Portal

Raphaela at the portal

August 2012 … I embarked on a journey to the continent with my family for a month. Sometimes it is about the journey, sometimes it is about the destination but this holiday was about both. Travelling through France and Spain felt like a pilgrimage to revive my sense for life and living, to revive my sense for all things I feel mostly enthusiastic about: different cultures, languages, art, history, nature, Christianity and being full time with my husband and our daughter.  It was April last year when we decided to do this trip. At that time I had no idea that two months later, I would decide not to become a primary school teacher based on the principle that one is only able to pursue a career out of vocation and joy for the work – with and or without challenges. So my mission at the moment is to find my vocation and/or joy for another career path in tune with my interests and priorities. Here I am starting this blog to share those interests and priorities which hopefully will pave the way to a new profession. I am working towards it through practising Christian Meditation, improving on the languages I love (English, Spanish, French and Portuguese), writing and translating about everything and anything I find inspiring and worth sharing.

Alors, on commence à partir du portail central avec le Beau Dieu, Richard et Raphaela.

Laissez-moi être et trouver le chemin…


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